About Us

M&R Equipment is a privately owned Australian company, committed to providing premium quality Maintenance and Reliabilty products and solutions to all sectors of industry. Our goal is to make MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) Easier, Faster and Safer. We understand the needs of business to minimise downtime, improve productivity and ensure best practice but most importantly to provide a safe workplace for maintenance and operations staff.

In 2017, M&R Equipment was appointed the Australian and New Zealand Distributor for TM Induction Heating. Based in The Netherlands, TM are Experts in Induction Heating and have an extensive range of Low and Mid-Frequency Induction Heaters, used to assist the installation and removal of bearings, bushes, couplings, gears and many other components in the maintenance and repair of plant and equipment across all industries. TM also manufactures customised Induction Heaters for production lines and specialist maintenance applications. 

M&R Equipment was also appointed the Australian and New Zealand distributor for iDtools in 2017. iDtools are the manufacturer of the iDuctor - a hand held induction heating tool. The iDuctor is The Ultimate Flameless Heating Tool enabling fast, clean and flamelss heating to assist in the removal of nuts, studs, bearings, bushes, sleeves and any other ferrous metal components.

M&R Equipment will continue to partner with manufacturers of premium quality products and solutions that will assist our customers in the Maintenance, Repair and Operation of their plant, equipment and production lines.